Permafrost Monthly Alerts (PMAs)

The U.S. Permafrost Association, together with the American Geosciences Institute (AGI), is pleased to provide our members with the Permafrost Monthly Alerts (PMAs).

The AGI GeoRef service regularly scans the contents of over 3,500 journals in 40 languages from the global geosciences literature, comprised of approximately 345 different sources. In addition to journals, special publications such as papers in proceedings, and hard-to-find publications are provided. The PMA citations are added to the searchable Cold Regions Bibliography (COLD). Click the button below to access COLD and search for publications (please note that this link will take you to an external website).

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Where available, a direct link to the publication is included in the PMA, which provides access to the full document if you or your institution have a current online subscription. We hope this is a valuable resource to USPA membership, general public, and K-12 educators. Please find the individual PMAs and Conference Alerts below.


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Special Conference Alerts:

2021: 2021 AGU Annual Meeting (New Orleans, LA, USA)

2019: 2019 AGU Annual Meeting (Washington DC, USA)


2016: International Conference on Permafrost (Potsdam, Germany)


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PMA Background

Want to find out more about the PMA? Please see this 2019 AGU Poster to find out more.