USPA Membership

There are growing interests in scientific and engineering questions related to permafrost and the Polar Regions. These heightened interests reflect observed and potential responses of permafrost terrains and structures to global warming and increasing development. The US Permafrost Association represents the US in the 25-nation International Permafrost Association (IPA). The USPA is a voluntary and not-for-profit organization incorporated in Alaska. Our Association provides a number of benefits and services to the academic and professional communities and the public:

  • Educational grants to students and young career professionals including travel to national and international conferences.
  • One-stop access to current and historical national and international literature (Permafrost Monthly Alert).
  • Current permafrost-related news and events on the USPA web and Facebook sites.
  • Easy downloadable access to proceedings of past permafrost conferences, USPA Annual Reports, and IPA Frozen Ground reports.

All our activities are voluntary and rely on membership dues, donations, and sponsors. Currently, our membership fees for individual members are:

  • $10/year for Student Members,
  • $30/year for Regular Members,
  • $250/year for Sustaining Members,
  • $1,000 for Lifetime Members. 

Fees for corporate and institutional members are:

  • $100/year for Ice-Vein Level Members,
  • $300/year for Ice-Wedge Level Members, and
  • $1,000/year for Massive Ice Level Members.
Our Corporate and Institutional Members receive special recognition in all USPA materials and on our website. Please join us this year and be part of our growing membership!