USPA Committees

USPA Committees are voluntary groups of permafrost engineers and scientists that help keep this organization running. Each committee works on a number of tasks related to their committee area, and their efforts have made many of the USPA's activities, resources and publications possible. If you're a USPA member and you're interested in joining a USPA committee, please contact the respective committee chair for more information.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

Julian Dann (Co-Chair), Shannon Dillard (Co-Chair)
Bob Bolton
Katie Braun
Joel Eklof
Jessica Ernakovich
Caitlynn Hanna
Melissa Ward Jones
Ben Maglio
Anna Wagner
Julia Warren
Hannah Woody

To contact this committee please reach out to [email protected]
You can also connect with us on our Slack workspace.

USPA-PYRN Educational Fund (UPEF) {PYRN = Permafrost Young Researchers Network}

Mission: The USPA-PYRN Educational Fund (UPEF) promotes cooperative efforts between the USPA and the Permafrost Young Researchers Network (PYRN). The purpose of the UPEF fund is to promote education on science and engineering issues related to permafrost and to support the professional development of the next generation of permafrost researchers. A focus of these activities is the financial support of students entering into permafrost-related fields. Each year, UPEF provides merit-based opportunities for travel grants to scientific conferences including AGU and any International Conferences on Permafrost. Collaboration with PYRN provides input of young researchers to USPA activities and increases financial and institutional support of early career scientists and engineers in permafrost fields. 

Julian Dann (Chair)
Jennifer Watts
Anna Wagner
Melissa Ward Jones
Matthew Whitley

Permafrost Engineering Education Program (PEEP)

Mission: The USPA Permafrost Engineering Education Program (PEEP) aims to advance the knowledge of permafrost engineering for K-12 and college students and the public. PEEP particularly provides educational opportunities and experiences for students and early career professionals to better understand the permafrost system, engineering applications and solutions, and societal impact.

Ming Xiao (Chair) and President-Elect
Tugce Baser (Vice Chair)
Heather Brooks
Majid Ghayoomi
Xiaohang Ji
Emma Lathrop
Min Liew
Michael Lilly
Wendy Mathieson
Cassandra Rutherford
Yuri Shur
Nina Stark
Amy Steiner
John Thornley

Anna Wagner
Zhaohui (Joey) Yang
John Zarling

Operations Committee

Mission: The Operations Committee supports communication within the USPA, between USPA members, and with the broader public.This includes communication infrastructure for the USPA, such as the website, document archive, email servers, social media outlets, and telecons.The Operations Committee coordinates the development of outreach material used to convey information about USPA events and initiatives.The Operations Committee also maintains USPA individual, institutional, and corporate membership.

Kevin Schaefer (Chair)
Julian Dann
Xiaohang Ji
Ben Jones
Kristina Levine
Min Liew
Christine Olson
Kathline Schexneider

To contact this committee please reach out to Kevin Schaefer ([email protected]).

Presidents' Council

Mission: The Presidents Council (PC) provides advice and support to the current USPA President and Board of Directors based on the collective experience and knowledge of past Presidents.  The PC acknowledges the service of past Presidents and facilitates communication and social engagement among USPA members.  The PC contributes to the institutional memory and chronicling the history of the USPA.  The PC assists with USPA participation at ICOPs and provides operational or strategic advice.  The PC increases fund-raising capabilities through personal contacts and writes letters of support for USPA initiatives and policy.

Ed Yarmak (Chair)
Jerry Brown (Honorary Past President)
Doug Kane (2002, First USPA President)
Larry Hinzman (2003)
Bucky Tart (2004)
Vladimir Romanovsky (2005)
Fritz Nelson (2006)
Jon Zufelt (2007)
Ken Hinkel (2008)
Yuri Shur (2009)
James Rooney (2010)
Torre Jorgenson (2011)
Oliver Frauenfeld (2012)
Michael Lilly (2013)
Ed Yarmak (2014)
Thomas Krzewinski (2015)
Mark Waldrop (2016)
Tom Douglas (2017)
Anna Liljedahl (2018)
Dmitry (Dima) Streletskiy (2019)
John Zarling (2020)
Cathy Wilson (2021)

John Thornley (2022)

Anna Wagner (2023)