USPA - PYRN Educational Fund (UPEF)

The USPA-PYRN Educational Fund (UPEF) was established to promote cooperative efforts between the USPA and the Permafrost Young Researchers Network (PYRN). The purpose of the UPEF fund is to promote education on science and engineering issues related to permafrost. A focus of these activities is the promotion of students entering into fields of interest related to permafrost.

The UPEF Fund provides support for the professional development of the next generation of permafrost researchers. Each year, UPEF provides merit-based opportunities for travel grants to AGU and other scientific conferences. UPEF also supports travel to International Conferences on Permafrost -most recently to the the 2018 European Regional Permafrost Conference in France. To view our travel award winners, follow the link below!

UPEF Award Winners
Andrew Slater Memorial Awards

The UPEF committee shall provide input and recommendations reflecting the views of USPA and PYRN members on the management and applications of the Educational Fund to the USPA Board of Directors (BOD).The UPEF committee includes the PYRN representative of the USPA BOD, an additional member of the USPA BOD, and one or two PYRN member(s) that is (are) neither a PYRN Executive Committee member nor a USPA BOD member.

To see a list of current members of the UPEF committee, follow the link below.

USPA Committees