2021 Regional Conference on Permafrost and 19th International Conference On Cold Region Engineering

RCOP-ICCRE 2021 Online Communications

The 2021 RCOP-ICCRE will augment in-person activities with numerous venues for virtual participation. We are planning comprehensive virtual coverage of all sessions and events that will mirror and expand what we hope will also be a largely attended in-person conference. RCOP-ICCRE 2021 Online will include scientific and engineering presentations, interactive discussions, "water cooler" hangouts, "greetings from the field", exhibitor booths and content, and other activities that make conferences both informative and socially engaging. RCOP-ICCRE 2021 Online will enable the largest participation ever by providing access to permafrost researchers, engineers, high latitude inhabitants, and enthusiasts who are either too remote or otherwise unable to travel to Boulder, CO in person. With safety foremost in our minds, we will decide in early summer, 2021 to what extent COVID-19 conditions will allow some in-person events.

Please contact the Virtual Communications Committee to support these efforts to get more information:

Cathy J. Wilson (co-chair)
Los Alamos National Laboratory
President Elect, US Permafrost Association
Kevin Schaefer (co-chair)
National Snow and Ice Data Center, University of Colorado
US representative, International Permafrost Association

Qiang Li, Ph.D.
Jacobs- Geotechnical Engineering

Jintai Wang, Ph.D.
Geosyntec Consultants