2021 Regional Conference on Permafrost and 19th International Conference On Cold Region Engineering

Tentative Schedule


  • June 30- Proceedings paper abstract due.
  • Mid-June - requests for full Proceedings papers sent out
  • September 15 - Full Proceedings papers due.
  • Late fall - Call for abstract only (ie. non-Proceedings papers) opens.


  • January 22 - abstract only submissions (i.e. non-Proceedings papers) due

Saturday - July 10th

  • ASCE events

Sunday - July 11th

  • IPA, ASCE, PYRN, and GTN-P meetings - day
  • Conference opening Icebreaker reception - evening

Monday - July 12th

  • Conference Opening Ceremony
    Technical Sessions
  • Evening PYRN dinner event

Tuesday - July 13th

  • Technical Sessions
  • Public Lecture

Wednesday - July 14th

  • Half and Full day Field Trips

Thursday - July 15th

  • Technical Sessions
  • Conference Banquet

Friday - July 16th

  • Technical Sessions
  • Conference Closing Ceremony

We anticipate several local field trip offerings with numerous alpine glacial, periglacial and mountain hazard sites and major U.S. National Parks nearby. These include day trips to Pike's Peak (permafrost on its summit) and recent infrastructure development, the Niwot Ridge alpine and hydrology research station and its LTER site, the Rocky Mountain National Park, and the U.S. Forest Service's Vedawoo Recreation Area. If there is interest, we could also offer post-conference field opportunities to Alaska.